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Fresh and Simple Recipe: TBS

We have been investigating (or lurking? lol) the web in search of inspiration and ideas. We have been actively looking for something fresh, light and at the same time delicious and ‘filling’. Let’s be honest. Despite our love for sushi, after I eat it, I am still hungry.
Might be the italian descent and my profound love for pasta and carbs. Might be that we live active and stressful lives and the only escape is some good meal.

Might be migh be.

Anyway, always looking for something filling but light (oxymoron? not so much) and QUICK I stumbled upon a nice recipe (in Italian) which I have translated:


– 2 Salmon fillets
– 1 Tomato
– Fresh Basil
– Olive Oil (our Olive oil would be perfect!)


– Preheat the oven (180 degrees C or 356 F)
– Place the 2 fillets in a baking tray and place them in the oven (gosh I m getting hungry now!)
– Whilst your salmon fillets are cooking, slice the tomato and wash the basil
– Once the salmon fillets are ready (usually 20 mins are enough but hey, you know your oven best) place the tomato slices on top of each fillet and complete by adding basil and olive oil.

For those of you who love cheese, you could also add some parmisan on top of everything and let it melt. It is entirely up to you.

I tried it and I liked it very much. Perfect for something light, heavenly delicious and quick.

Trerus Salmon Recipe