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Courgette Involtini with Tomatoes and Mozzarella

Involtini is an Italian word for a small bite of food consisting of some sort of outer layer wrapped around a filling. Involtini can be made with a wrapper of meat, poultry, seafood or vegetables, with fillings like cheese, vegetables, cured meats and nuts.Today we will talk about involtini made with courgettes. It is a fresh snack we found on giallozafferano. It is in Italian so we decided to translate it in English.



2-3 courgettes (not too small though)

2 eggs

100g flour

4 tomatoes; if you go for cherry tomatoes perhaps use 6 or 7

250 g of Mozzarella

Grated parmisan

and of course, we would always recommend our Trerus Extra Virgin Olive Oil but if you still haven’t tried it, well….just use the Olive Oil you find at Morrisons or Tesco or Sainsbury, M&S etc…

You could also use some pesto if you like but this is very much up to you and your appetite!


How to prepare the Involtini

wash the courgette and cut it along its length, which is vertically.

In the mean time whisk the eggs with a pinch of salt and put some flour in a plate. once you ve done and everything is ready, put some olive oil in a pan. Here there are three main steps you must follow:

– toss the zucchini in the egg first

– then into the flour

– then into the pan when oil is finally frying.

Sometimes we make the mistake of whisking eggs and flour together but the result is not as good as if we keep the two separate. So try our way first. The kitchen will look a bit messy but the taste of the involtini will help you forget about the cleaning.

 While the courgettes are being cooked, cut the mozzarella and the tomatoes. Wash the basil if you want or prepare the pesto.

Once the courgettes are ready, lay them in a cast iron skillet (or a grill pan as long as it has detachable handle). On each slice of your now fried zucchini add the mozzarella, the tomatoes, basil (or pesto), some salt and pepper and wrap them one by one.

Put them in the oven (190Degrees Celsius) for about 10-15 minutes (it always depends on your oven so as soon as you see the mozzarella is melting, consider the possibility of removing them from the oven).


Once the mozzarella is fully melted, serve it in a nice plate and enjoy.

The end result should look a bit like we have already published on FacebookInvoltini




Fresh and Simple Recipe: TBS

We have been investigating (or lurking? lol) the web in search of inspiration and ideas. We have been actively looking for something fresh, light and at the same time delicious and ‘filling’. Let’s be honest. Despite our love for sushi, after I eat it, I am still hungry.
Might be the italian descent and my profound love for pasta and carbs. Might be that we live active and stressful lives and the only escape is some good meal.

Might be migh be.

Anyway, always looking for something filling but light (oxymoron? not so much) and QUICK I stumbled upon a nice recipe (in Italian) which I have translated:


– 2 Salmon fillets
– 1 Tomato
– Fresh Basil
– Olive Oil (our Olive oil would be perfect!)


– Preheat the oven (180 degrees C or 356 F)
– Place the 2 fillets in a baking tray and place them in the oven (gosh I m getting hungry now!)
– Whilst your salmon fillets are cooking, slice the tomato and wash the basil
– Once the salmon fillets are ready (usually 20 mins are enough but hey, you know your oven best) place the tomato slices on top of each fillet and complete by adding basil and olive oil.

For those of you who love cheese, you could also add some parmisan on top of everything and let it melt. It is entirely up to you.

I tried it and I liked it very much. Perfect for something light, heavenly delicious and quick.

Trerus Salmon Recipe

“Beansballs” or healthy vegetarian meatballs

 Health is important. So is love for food. Let’s try to mix the two and have something deliciously healthy to eat today!

This is recipe is inspired to Benedetta Parodi‘s vegetarian menu and it is ideal for those who love meatballs but are also vegetarian (and don t really want to entrust unknown ‘veggie meat’)


Time: 30 mins to make; 4 to 5 mins to cook

 What you need:

200 g of beans (Kidney beans)

2 egg yolks

a pinch of salt

50 g Trerus Parmisan (100% organically processed)

40 g of whole flour


40 g breadcrumbs

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Trerus)

Aromatic Herbs


once you have all of the ingredients proceed as follows:


Mix beans, yols and a pinch of salt

Add parmisan, paprika, the whole flour and the breadcrumbs (if you see the mix is a bit too sticky, add some olive oil)

 Put everything in a bowl and start kneading everything

Shape the dough the way you like

Add some Trerus Aromatic Herbs

Put some Trerus extra virgin olive oil in a pan and start frying (do not put too much)


Serve with rise or salad (with any dressing you like)