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Small and Short Survey

We are trying to gain a better understanding of some of our target audience.
We have created a mini-mini survey with top questions.

We would love you more then we currently do (and believe us we do love you loads) if you took 2 minutes to take it!



Nice’n useful recycling ideas

Do you love beer?
Do you love wine
We do.
I do.
We love both.

You know when you buy all of those beer bottles and all you re left in the end is the empty glass and the caps? Well, ever thought of using them both for some environmentally free decorations in your house?

Summer is coming and those nice solar lights are now on any shop (BM, poundland, 99P and the like -sorry for the UK focus but I am sure you will find many others in your country). Those nice lights are usually too small or too short to put on your balcony or on a tree. So, why do not put them inside the empty bottle, colour the bottle and put it in your garden or on your tiny balcony when you do a barbecue with friends and family?

Shoud look like this (below)

bottle Trerus
Bottle with wine_Example

Now, I know that you are left with the caps. What to do with them? Do you know crochet? Or, are you patient enough to cover them with some nice felt? Well, they could become nice and rather handy pot holders. We have the crocheted ones but there is plenty of examples online on how to make felt pot holders with bottle caps.
So, we have put the felt example we foud online (again below)


And our version which is finely crocheted and can be used in summer, winter, when it s windy, rainy, sunny…anyway, at any time.

Trerus pot holder
Trerus_crocheted potholder

“Beansballs” or healthy vegetarian meatballs

 Health is important. So is love for food. Let’s try to mix the two and have something deliciously healthy to eat today!

This is recipe is inspired to Benedetta Parodi‘s vegetarian menu and it is ideal for those who love meatballs but are also vegetarian (and don t really want to entrust unknown ‘veggie meat’)


Time: 30 mins to make; 4 to 5 mins to cook

 What you need:

200 g of beans (Kidney beans)

2 egg yolks

a pinch of salt

50 g Trerus Parmisan (100% organically processed)

40 g of whole flour


40 g breadcrumbs

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Trerus)

Aromatic Herbs


once you have all of the ingredients proceed as follows:


Mix beans, yols and a pinch of salt

Add parmisan, paprika, the whole flour and the breadcrumbs (if you see the mix is a bit too sticky, add some olive oil)

 Put everything in a bowl and start kneading everything

Shape the dough the way you like

Add some Trerus Aromatic Herbs

Put some Trerus extra virgin olive oil in a pan and start frying (do not put too much)


Serve with rise or salad (with any dressing you like)



Ciociaria…past event

We have just reaslied that somebody from the Italian national Channel got interested in the remote (and forgotten) area of Ciociaria.

Rai due (that s the name of one of th national broadcasting channels) covered the topic of handmade products, local (delicious) food and local ancient recipes in March 2012.

Being far away, the bloggers did not get to know about this event until now, thanks to facebook. Here some pics, just to get an idea of what we do, who we are and why we do it!

We re simple ppl. But our cuisine has nothing to envy to the best weight-loss, natural, bio, cool, luxury restaurants peeps pay $$ for!