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Trerus is an initiative of independent craftsmen from Ciociaria, interested not only to publicise the area but also to sell the precious and almost rare local products. Trerus nasce dall’iniziativa di un gruppo di piccoli artigiani Ciociari, interessati a diffondere non solo la conoscenza della Ciociaria ma anche a vendere i preziosi e sempre meno reperibili prodotti locali.

Ciociaria…past event

We have just reaslied that somebody from the Italian national Channel got interested in the remote (and forgotten) area of Ciociaria.

Rai due (that s the name of one of th national broadcasting channels) covered the topic of handmade products, local (delicious) food and local ancient recipes in March 2012.

Being far away, the bloggers did not get to know about this event until now, thanks to facebook. Here some pics, just to get an idea of what we do, who we are and why we do it!

We re simple ppl. But our cuisine has nothing to envy to the best weight-loss, natural, bio, cool, luxury restaurants peeps pay $$ for!


APOLOGIES _etsy wedding favor clutch Linen bag purse Bridesmaid Clutch set 3 Grey Chartreuse Party Favor gift Pouch MakeUp

 We received a complaint about our comments on:

etsy wedding favor clutch Linen bag purse Bridesmaid Clutch set 3 Grey Chartreuse Party Favor gift Pouch MakeUp

We are sorry if our point of view was not appreciated. Our team did not want to harm anybody. It was perhaps an infantile comment of whoever blogs. We are sorry and we can say that the product advertised on Etsy is very similar to what we do, it is beautiful and we really wish the seller to sell as many items as he/she can.

We sincerely apologise and will remove the re-post immediately.

Useful Info: ribbon flowers

Why would you care about making a ribbon/fabric/paper flower? Don’t know but yesterday I went to a nice cozy shop and saw that the owner embellished it with various, original and quite cheap elements.

First of all, since it is a bakery, there were vases with pasta-bread compositions. It was amazing and stunning. A lot of patience I would say! So, basically, one huge breadstick made up the stem and a nicely baked small loaf of bread made the flower. Then, I noticed that here and there the nice lady put handmade paper butterflies (how could she make them? She didn’t want to say!!!) and handmade paper and fabric flowers. Again she did not explained how she made them so I checked them out myself.
It is actually not difficult and it makes a big difference. It catches the attention, embellishes the shop but most importantly helps the customer associate the bakery to hand-made. It is really really amazing how marketing sometimes should learn from small shop owners with the passion of handmade. It gave the shop a lot of personality and made you want to go back. Pity that there were no cozy tables where to have coffee.

Organic Food_Is it really better?

And the answer is yes.
In fact, non-organic food contains additives to make it last longer. Children are especially susceptible to such additives.

Other organic food facts that are impossible to deny are that organic food is richer in the nutrients that our bodies crave, and that organic food production is free of harmful chemicals like synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Organic food is fresh and unlike mass produced food hasn’t been drained of all its essential vitamins and minerals.

By eating organic food you can lessen your harmful impact on the environment. Synthetic fertilizers and pesticides not only damage the human body, they damage the environment as a whole. This kind of damage is irreparable and will be inherited by our children, for this reason it is essential to minimize its impact; environmental damage is one of those organic food facts that some people just find hard to swallow.


News from here

We have been working quite a lot for the Messina craft fair and we had fair results for the place we were trying to sell. Obviously we knew well in advance that the purchase power of Sicilians doesn’t reflect that of Italians but it was a very interesting experience for the staff, mostly foreign.


We had the opportunity to live the sea, to see how wonderful Sicily is before coming back to reality and work! SOB!!!!

Anyway!!!!!! Good news coming forth: winter collection almost ready. We are always updating our ETSY shop which you can see at:

Additionally, we have just started our SAMPLE CAMPAIGN: whoever has bought anything from us, will receive a sample of Extra Olive Oil and some delicatessen from our beloved Ciociaria. If you like what you taste, you will tell us and you will win!!!!


OK folk. Speak soon!!!!



Abbiamo lavorato molto nelle ultime settimane per la Fiera di Messina. Abbiamo avuto un buon risultato dato il basso potere di acquisto dell’isola a paragone con il resto dello stivale!

Siamo ora tornati alla realta’ con nuove idee e proposte. Anzitutto ci teniamo a farvi sapere che siamo in procinto di aggiornare il sito ETSY con la collezione invernale. Ci potete trovare su:

Inoltre, abbiamo cominciato la nostra SAMPLE CAMPAIGN: ognuno che abbia comprato qualunque cosa su ETSY o attraverso i nostri canali di vendita ricevera’ assaggini tipici della terra Ciociara: olio extra vergine e tante altre delicatezza. Ci sara’ inoltre un concorso pieno di premi!


Ok, a presto!!!!