“Beansballs” or healthy vegetarian meatballs

 Health is important. So is love for food. Let’s try to mix the two and have something deliciously healthy to eat today!

This is recipe is inspired to Benedetta Parodi‘s vegetarian menu and it is ideal for those who love meatballs but are also vegetarian (and don t really want to entrust unknown ‘veggie meat’)


Time: 30 mins to make; 4 to 5 mins to cook

 What you need:

200 g of beans (Kidney beans)

2 egg yolks

a pinch of salt

50 g Trerus Parmisan (100% organically processed)

40 g of whole flour


40 g breadcrumbs

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Trerus)

Aromatic Herbs


once you have all of the ingredients proceed as follows:


Mix beans, yols and a pinch of salt

Add parmisan, paprika, the whole flour and the breadcrumbs (if you see the mix is a bit too sticky, add some olive oil)

 Put everything in a bowl and start kneading everything

Shape the dough the way you like

Add some Trerus Aromatic Herbs

Put some Trerus extra virgin olive oil in a pan and start frying (do not put too much)


Serve with rise or salad (with any dressing you like)




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