Useful Info: ribbon flowers

Why would you care about making a ribbon/fabric/paper flower? Don’t know but yesterday I went to a nice cozy shop and saw that the owner embellished it with various, original and quite cheap elements.

First of all, since it is a bakery, there were vases with pasta-bread compositions. It was amazing and stunning. A lot of patience I would say! So, basically, one huge breadstick made up the stem and a nicely baked small loaf of bread made the flower. Then, I noticed that here and there the nice lady put handmade paper butterflies (how could she make them? She didn’t want to say!!!) and handmade paper and fabric flowers. Again she did not explained how she made them so I checked them out myself.
It is actually not difficult and it makes a big difference. It catches the attention, embellishes the shop but most importantly helps the customer associate the bakery to hand-made. It is really really amazing how marketing sometimes should learn from small shop owners with the passion of handmade. It gave the shop a lot of personality and made you want to go back. Pity that there were no cozy tables where to have coffee.


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